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E Komo mai, Welcome to Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas!

We hope you will find here everything you need and need to know to plan your luau, including practical tips, luau recipes, games and activity directions, decorating ideas and much more.

I was born and raised in Hawaii, and I must say that the luau is not only the most famous Hawaii tradition, it is truly one of the most fun. In Hawaii, luaus are held to celebrate birthdays, graduations and all sorts of holidays. They take place in backyards, at church and community halls, and of course at resorts and other commercial venues.

A luau is much more than a delicious and satisfying feast – a luau is a celebration full of fun, culture and aloha!

In early Hawaiian days, the luau was called 'aha 'aina' and was a feast often accompanied by music and hula that lasted for days. These early luaus were held for various reasons, mainly to honor one of importance, to celebrate a special accomplishment or to celebrate important days and events. Luau, a dish made of coconut cream and chicken, was one of the foods served, and eventually it came to be the name of the feast.

Today's luaus are usually one-day rather than multiple day affairs, and they are held not only for special events and honors but also for the simple pleasure of getting together with others and enjoying a great feast along with hula and music.

At Luau Party Ideas you can learn how to create a tropical ambience – no matter where you have your luau – and learn how to choose a luau theme and decorate. You will find lots of practical tips for creating just the right mood for your particular luau, whether it be for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement or just for fun.

A menu at a luau will include many traditional Hawaiian foods as well as contemporary Hawaii local style, American and Pacific Rim entrees. Beer and Hawaiian cocktails such as Mai Tai's are often included. We'll provide you with all of the information you need to put together a fantastic luau feast yourself, including recipes, and in case you want to hire staff to take care of the food, we also provide you with a catering service guide.

You will also find here activity ideas including complete directions for several popular luau games for kids and grownups. Before your luau takes place, invitations need to be sent out. Whether you are creating or ordering invitations, our tips can help with choosing the design and words.

The luau's attraction has much to do with the festive and generous mood of the event, but also the setting. Whether in Hawaii or in the backyard of a Chicago home, the decorations, music and lighting create an aura of enchantment and a Polynesian ambience that, along with Hawaii's spirit of aloha and natural beauty makes Hawaii so alluring.

While we can't help you bring a tropical beach or lush green mountain to your luau venue, we will show you how create an enchanting Polynesian ambience, a spirit of aloha, and how to include a variety of Hawaiian entertainment, foods and traditions that will make your luau a night of enchantment, fun, and if the occasion fits, romance.


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